Blues Funk Backing Tracks

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Explore the funkier side of the blues with these high-quality jam tracks. Invent new licks, perfect your technique, or just have fun!

One of our best selling albums, Blues Funk Backing Tracks has inspired many thousands of guitarists. The tracks feature riffs, build-ups and break-downs to provide a realistic jamming experience.

Improvise your own guitar solos over the instrumental backing. Use blues and pentatonic scales or experiment with other scales, arpeggios and playing techniques.

  • Improve your playing over a range of blues-funk styles
  • Experiment with new scales and techniques with a band that never sleeps!
  • 12 awesome blues-funk tracks in a variety of styles and tempos.
  • Over 57 minutes of high-quality guitar backing tracks
  • Instant download MP3 album; you’ll be playing within minutes!

Blues Funk Backing Tracks is ideal for lead guitarists who want to try out their licks over inspiring, high-quality backing tracks. Make the most of your practice time - download today!

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Blues Funk Backing Tracks

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