Bass Backing Tracks: Metal

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Create your own bass lines and improvise bass solos over these inspiring metal jam tracks.

We created Bass Backing Tracks: Metal to give bass guitarists an opportunity to practice and refine their skills.

Play faster; try out new bass lines and techniques; and practice scales and arpeggios.

These jam tracks are written in a variety of authentic metal styles, in the keys and speeds you’re likely to encounter as a metal bassist.

Bass Backing Tracks: Metal features 12 exciting metal jam tracks.

Composed and recorded by metal fans for metal fans, these high-quality jam tracks represent a range of authentic metal styles.

Use the tracks to invent your own bass lines or play bass solos.

  • Improve your metal bass playing
  • Invent new bass lines
  • Try out new techniques and riffs
  • 12 Awesome tracks
  • Over 48 minutes of high-quality jamming
  • Instant download MP3 album

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Bass Backing Tracks: Metal

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