Guitar Scales Backing Tracks

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Guitar Scales Backing Tracks MP3 download album. Improve your knowledge of guitar scales and master the fretboard.

Develop your lead guitar playing with pentatonic minor, blues, Dorian modal, harmonic minor and other essential guitar scales.

You’ve learned the scales… now use them. Master the fretboard with specially-produced backing tracks!

We created this album to help guitarists learn and improvise with scales – and to have a great time while doing so!

Each track was written to enable improvisation using a specific scale. All of the essential guitar scales are covered, including major, harmonic minor, pentatonic, blues and Dorian scales.

  • Improve your knowledge of guitar scales
  • Gain practical experience of improvising with different guitar scales
  • 10 awesome tracks and over 40 minutes of high-quality jamming
  • Learn guitar scales faster by using them to create solos
  • Explore the fretboard and find new sounds

Learn scales and master the fretboard: download Guitar Scales Backing Tracks today!

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Guitar Scales Backing Tracks

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